About Us


Boarders are housed in spacious heated accommodation with individual runs. This has been designed to the guidelines drawn up by the British Veterinary Association and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health to provide an alternative concept in pet care. Each cat, or family, has its own chalet and large run with sunning shelf and scratching mat. The chalets are situated to allow the maximum air circulation and sunlight penetration with the protection from the possibility of disease transmission.

We believe that we offer the best accommodation for cats in the area and we will continue to strive to maintain our lead.


Individual likes and dislike can be catered for, although pets are normally fed twice a day. Kittens are fed as often as their age requires, and of course your special instructions will be adhered to, although very costly or veterinary prescribed diets may require an adjustment to the boarding fees.


We are trained to administer medications whether that be by injection, orally, applied to skin or mixed into food.


Please see our Terms page for information on required vaccinations for boarding.

Licences and Insurance

We are fully licensed by Peterborough Environmental Health and insured by PetPlan.