From the 1st April 2018

1 cat

£     8-00 per day

2 cats sharing

£12-00 per day

Each additional cat

£3-00 per day

The charge is for the day, or part thereof, and is applicable to all boarding days including the days of arrival and departure.

At Christmas and Easter the minimum fee will be the equivalent of five days boarding.

A full day’s board is charged for the days of arrival and departure to allow for essential cleaning and preparation of the accommodation.

Payment of boarding fees is to be made at the time of collection or, in the case of long term boarding, accounts are to be paid monthly.

Any pet not collected 30 days after the boarding period ceases will become the property of the proprietor, to dispose of as she sees fit.


The Cattery is run by the proprietor who takes a personal interest in the care and well being of all the pets in her charge. However, to prevent any infectious disease being introduced we have evolved the following precautions to protect your pet :

  • No pet will be admitted which is, or appears to be, suffering from any infectious disease.
  • All pets will be examined on arrival and the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any animal showing signs of ill-health pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon.
  • All cats must have current certificate confirming vaccination against Feline Enteritis and Cat Influenza. As cats from different homes do not mix vaccination against FIV is at the owner’s discretion and not a requirement for boarding.
  • Boarding fees include insurance for veterinary services but excluding existing conditions.
  • No entire tom-cats can be accepted.